Trademark Oppositions

 $500 to File an Opposition* or Answer an Opposition

*Plus USPTO Fees

Trademark Oppositions can only be filed during the thirty day Opposition Period during the application process. Granite Trademark Services attorneys have experience filing Oppositions and defending clients’ applications that are opposed by a third party.

Trademark Oppositions Services Include:

  • Consultation prior to filing or answering an Opposition

  • Dialogue about the likelihood of success

  • Exploration of any settlement the client can agree to

  • Opposition filing or Answer to Opposition

  • Attorney representation at the Discovery Conference

  • Attorney representation throughout the discovery phase of the proceeding

  • Attorney representation during the 30-day trial periods

USPTO Fees for Filing an Opposition

  • $400 Per Class of Goods or Services to file an Opposition

  • No fee to file an Answer to an Opposition

Free Trademark Opposition Consultation

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