Trademark Cancellations

 $500 to File a Cancellation* or Answer a Cancellation

*Plus USPTO Fees

Trademark Cancellations can be filed any time against any registered trademark. Granite Trademark Services attorneys have experience filing Cancellations and defending clients’ registrations when a third party files a Cancellation Proceeding.

Trademark Cancellation Services Include:

  • Consultation prior to filing or answering a Cancellation

  • Dialogue about the likelihood of success

  • Exploration of any settlement the client can agree to

  • Cancellation filing or Answer to Cancellation

  • Attorney representation at the Discovery Conference

  • Attorney representation throughout the discovery phase of the proceeding

  • Attorney representation during the 30-day trial periods

USPTO Fees for Filing a Cancellation

  • $400 Per Class of Goods or Services to file a Cancellation

  • No fee to file an Answer to a Cancellation

Free  Trademark Cancellation Consultation

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