A trademark assignment is when a trademark owner transfers all their rights and interest in a trademark to a third party. Learn what you need to know here!

Trademark licenses are agreements where a trademark owner (“licensor”) allows a third party (“licensee”) to use the licensor’s trademark. Learn more here!

Creating trademark friendly smartphone app icon designs allow app owners to best protect one of their most valuable assets, their app icon. Learn more here!

Famous social media personalities and owners of popular social media handles can use trademark law to help monetize their large groups of followers. Learn more!

Intent to use trademark applications benefits include the establishment of trademark priority and business confidence to invest in new brands. Learn more here!

Anything that allows users to know the source of goods or services is a trademark, including smartphone app icons. Learn more about app icon trademarks here!

Anything that lets customers know the source of a product is a trademark, including beer taps. Learn how to get your beer tap a trademark registration today!

Since the beginning of trademark law, their have been “trademark battlegrounds.” What is a trademark battleground? The supermarket for one. Learn more!

Trademark owners hire attorneys online, that they never meet, to file their trademark application. Why the change? Costs considerations, time, and more.

Companies that consumers can recognize by a sound or a few melodic notes can apply for a federal trademark registration with the USPTO. Learn how here!

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