International Trademark Class 25 is the correct class for clothing, footwear, apparel, and related goods. Learn everything you need to know here!

Trademarks are granted legal protection under common law and federal law to allow consumers to quickly identify the source of products or services. Learn more!

The best way to protect a company name from competitors using a confusingly similar name is to apply for and obtain a trademark registration. Learn how here!

In order to get a federal trademark registration, trademark owners must submit a trademark application with USPTO. Learn more here!

By using a logo, owners acquire some trademark rights. For max trademark protection, logo owners should apply for a federal trademark registrations. Learn how!

To “trademark” a name, companies need to apply for a federal trademark registration with the USPTO. Learn what it takes in eight steps here. Free Trademark Consultations!

The ® symbol is the symbol for a trademark registration. It is used to tell consumers and competitors that the company owns a registered trademark. Learn more!

Trademark law protects consumers and companies from counterfeit and knockoff brands riding the coattails of successful competitors. Learn more here!

Do you want to "trademark" your name? You may not know you already have some trademark rights but not a federal trademark registration. Learn more here!

The history of trademark rights began under common law and became federal statutory rights in 1946. Learn what you need to know about trademark rights today!

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