Trademark Class 6 is all about common metals and related goods used in building materials, railroads and more. Learn about Trademark Class 6 here!

What can you do if a Chinese company already registered your trademark with the USPTO? Click here to see how this exact situation played out for our client!

Trademark Class 5 consists of pharmaceuticals, supplements, vitamins, veterinary supplies, baby food, bandages and more. Learn about Class 5 and specimens here!

Trademark Class 4 is the trademark classification for lubricants, fuels, candles, coal and other related products. Learn all about trademark Class 4 here!

Trademark Class 3 consists of cosmetics and cleaning preparations such as soap, perfume, hair oil, laundry detergent, toothpaste and other products. Learn More!

International Trademark Class 2 for goods consists mainly of paints, varnishes, lacquers, preservatives and raw natural resins. Learn more on Class 2 here!

Trademark Class 1 consists of unfinished chemical products that are generally used as ingredients in other products. Learn more about Trademark Class 1 here!

Trademark Class 22 consists of ropes, nets, tents, awnings, sails, sacks, and textile products. Learn more about trademark classes and Class 22 here!

Class 35 provides a broad range of business services including advertising and marketing services, business consultation, and retail store services. Learn More!

International Trademark Class 18 is the trademark class designated for bags, luggage, leather goods (and imitation leather goods), and fur goods. Learn more!

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