Trademark Application Services $495*

*Plus USPTO fees (see below)

USPTO Trademark Application Services Include:

If there are fatal issues with the client’s chosen trademark, the client may change the trademark once free of charge. Each additional change will cost an additional $50 for a USPTO knock-out search, comprehensive common law search, and a client letter.

For a detailed explanation of the full process, view our Application Process Page.

Free Trademark Application Consultation

Disclaimer: Submissions do not form attorney-client relationship

Fees Charged by the USPTO for Trademark Applications:

$225 per class of goods or services - the USPTO categorizes goods and services into different classes and each class covered in a trademark application requires a $225 filing fee.

For Intent-to-Use Applications Only:

$125 to File a Statement of Use - Granite Trademark Services will file this for free, but the client is responsible for the USPTO fee involved.

$125 to File Six Month Extension Request to Submit a Statement of Use - The first extension is free, but each six month extension after that comes with a USPTO fee of $125.