USPTO Electronic Signature

Trademark applications filed by attorneys on the behalf of their client at the USPTO can be reviewed and signed electronically.


The final part of the trademark application process requires the signature of the trademark owner or a representative of a company that owns a trademark. To help streamline the application process, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) allows trademark owners to sign the application electronically online. Trademark applicants that have an attorney file their trademark application can sign the application electronically after receiving an email from the USPTO.


When an attorney finalizes the trademark application on behalf of a client, they have the option to send the application to their client for review and signature. This allows attorneys to finalize the application without an in person meeting giving trademark owners more flexibility to choose when it is best for them to review and sign the trademark application.

Screenshot of what attorneys see before sending the trademark application to their client.


After the attorney authorizes the USPTO to email their client the trademark application and electronic signature, the client will receive an email from with the subject line “[Attorney name] requests you to e-sign the Trademark/Service Mark Application, Principal Register.” In the body of the email will be a link that leads the trademark applicant to a page where they can review their application and electronically sign it.

Example of an email sent from the USPTO for trademark applicant’s signature.


When a trademark applicant clicks the link in the email sent from the USPTO they are sent to a webpage that shows the details of the trademark application including the applied for trademark, the owner of the trademark and their address, and the goods/services applied for in the application. At the bottom of the trademark application is a box where the trademark applicant can sign the trademark application after reviewing it for any errors.

After reviewing the trademark application, the applicant can sign the trademark application in the signature block on the bottom of the page.


Do you have any questions about electronic signatures for a trademark application? Leave your comment below or contact us directly.

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