Trademark Official Gazette

When trademark applications are “published for opposition,” they are published in the Trademark Official Gazette.


When an Examining Attorney approves an application for publication, the application will be published in an upcoming publication of the Trademark Official Gazette. The Trademark Official Gazette is published every week on Tuesday and allows the public the opportunity to review all the trademarks that have been approved and will be registered absent any third party objection to registration. If a third party sees a trademark application in the Trademark Official Gazette that they believe will cause them harm, they can file an opposition to the trademark application.


The Trademark Official Gazette can be found and viewed in several different ways and formats. The easiest way to review the Trademark Official Gazette is through the electronic version of the Trademark Official Gazette found on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website here. The benefits of using the electronic Trademark Official Gazette is that users can search all the published trademark applications by trademark, owner, goods/services and more. Users can also review past Trademark Official Gazette the same way.


Screenshot of the online version of the Trademark Official Gazette


In addition to the online version of the Trademark Official Gazette, people can download .PDF versions of the Trademark Official Gazette from the USPTO website here (scroll to the bottom). One of the benefits of the .PDF version of the Trademark Official Gazette is users can conduct word searches and search the whole Trademark Official Gazette for keywords (Ctrl + F is the hotkey to launch the word finder). However, it is more difficult for most people to use than the online version of the Trademark Official Gazette.

Screenshot of a published application in the .PDF version of the Trademark Official Gazette


When a trademark application is published, the USPTO advises the trademark owner and trademark attorney, if the owner is represented by trademark counsel, to review the information published for any errors. If any of the information is incorrect due to USPTO error, the trademark owner or their trademark lawyer should immediately email the USPTO at for the requested correction.

Do you have any questions about accessing the Trademark Official Gazette or want to know more? Leave a comment below or contact us directly.

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