Trademark Lawyer Near Me

For any trademark work at the USPTO, such as filing trademark applications, it does not matter whether your trademark lawyer is near you or not.


The internet revolution has changed peoples’ lives in so many different ways. Instead of buying CDs (or tapes, remember those?), people pay subscription fees to stream music and make their own playlists. Instead of walking into Wal-Mart to buy soap or toothpaste, consumers have household products sent to their house bi-weekly by companies such as Amazon. TV watchers are increasingly ditching cable in favor of Netflix and Hulu. There is no reason why the internet revolution cannot apply to the legal profession.


Trademark Lawyer Near Me Not Necessary


The concept that a company or entrepreneur must find a “trademark lawyer near me” is not as relevant as it was even ten years ago. The need to sit face to face with a trademark attorney at an expensive office to discuss a client’s trademark needs is no longer needed. Between phone calls, FaceTime/Skype, email and the other new means of communication that dominate in the business world, the in person meetings are simply not necessary anymore.


In addition to new communication technologies diminishing the need for face to face meetings, trademark attorneys can represent clients from any state in trademark matters at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Unlike other areas of the law, trademark law at the USPTO is federal, so it does not matter what state(s) a lawyer is a bar member of and what state their client lives in.


For example, a trademark lawyer in New Hampshire can prepare and file a USPTO trademark applications for a client from Texas. For a small business from outside the Houston area, it may be easier to work with a New Hampshire attorney and communicate via phone and email rather than drive into downtown Houston, pay for parking, and meet in a skyscraper with expensive trademark attorneys.

A trademark attorney in New Hampshire can serve trademark clients in Texas or China


Save Time and Money


Like in other industries, the internet can help trademark owners save time and money when seeking trademark attorneys. Rather than being restricted to trademark lawyers within an hour of travel time, trademark owners can hire trademark lawyers from anywhere in the country. This gives businesses and entrepreneurs access to hundred or thousands of trademark attorneys rather than the handful in their local area.


The great benefit of being able to select a trademark attorney from outside of a trademark owner’s own geographic region, is they can price shop for an affordable attorney across the country rather than their local area. For example, an entrepreneur in Brooklyn no longer has to hire expensive Manhattan trademark attorneys in a skyscraper in midtown. Instead, they can hire a trademark attorney working in Iowa that has lower costs, and therefore, lower prices for clients. In addition, they can submit all the information a trademark attorney needs to file a trademark application through email rather than carry documents to the downtown Manhattan trademark firm, saving time.


Do you need a trademark attorney to help prepare and file a trademark application? Do not think you need a trademark attorney near you! Reach out to us today for a free trademark consultation and one of our trademark attorneys will contact you soon to help with your legal trademark needs.

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