Trademark Class 2 - Paints, Preservatives, & Raw Natural Resins

International Trademark Class 2 for goods consists mainly of paints, varnishes, lacquers, preservatives and raw natural resins.


Trademark Classes Background


One of the the important things trademark owners must do when they apply for a trademark registration at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is they must identify what goods and services they use their trademark in connection with.


In addition to identifying what goods or services are sold under a trademark, trademark applications must also select what Trademark Class their goods and/or services fall under. The international trademark community, through the Nice Agreement, established forty-five different classes of goods and services.


So, for example, Valspar, Inc. owns several trademark registrations for is famous VALSPAR brands. In its registration, Valspar Inc. identifies that is uses its VALSPAR trademarks in connection with paint products, which is a Class 2 good.


The most efficient way for trademark applicants to determine what class of goods or services their products fall under is to view the Trademark Identification Manual online at the USPTO website.


Trademark applicants can apply for goods or services in one class or file multiple class trademark application. However, each class a trademark owner applies for requires an additional USPTO fee.


Lastly, trademark applications that incorrectly categorize goods or services under the wrong trademark class will be issued an Office Action by the Examining Attorney. Even in the best case scenario, the Office Action would delay the trademark application, can lead to additional USPTO or attorney fees, and could possibly end with the application failing to register.


Trademark Class 2 - Paints, Preservatives, & Raw Natural Resins


Trademark Class 2 covers a relatively small grouping of goods in comparison to other trademark classes. The main items covered in Trademark Class 2 are paints, preservatives, raw natural resins, colorants, mordants, and foil and powder metals. Below are goods that are all classified in Trademark Class 2.


Paints: paints, varnishes, primers, lacquers, aluminum paint, paints for boat hulls, fireproof pains, ceramic pains


Colorants: inks, dyes, pigments, food and beverage colorings, dyestuff for clothing


Preservatives: preservatives against deterioration of wood, anti-rust oils, anti-tarnishing oils and materials


Natural Resins: mastic, copal, gum resins


Foil & Powder Metals: metals in powder or foil form for printers, painters, decorators and more


Trademark Class 2 Specimens & Examples

As part of the trademark application process, trademark applicants must submit an acceptable trademark specimen. The USPTO only accepts trademark specimens that show the trademark used in connection with the goods or services being applied for. A trademark specimen must be submitted for every class of goods and services applied for.


There are multiple trademark specimens for goods and products, such as goods categorized in Trademark Class 2 that the USPTO will deem acceptable. Acceptable specimens in Trademark Class 2 include the trademark shown on product packaging or hangtags, the trademark on the product itself, the trademark displayed in-store promoting the applied for goods, or on an ecommerce website showing the trademark near the product and a checkout button.


Trademark owners do not need to send in the actual trademark specimen with their trademark application. All they need to do is take a photo of the specimen and upload it online through the USPTO website.


The above screenshot is an acceptable specimen for the trademark VALSPAR in connection with paint because it shows the trademark in the product name (and on the packaging) and there is an ADD TO CART button allowing consumers to purchase the product

If you have any questions about what is an acceptable trademark specimen in Class 2, do not hesitate to Contact Us Today!


Related Trademark Classes


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Class 17 - Insulating Paints & Varnishes

Class 35 - Retail & EComm Stores Selling Class 2 Goods


Do you have any questions about Class 2 or what trademark class your goods or services fall under? Contact us today for a Free Trademark Consultation and one of our attorneys will contact you within twenty-four hours.

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