Trademark Class 18 - Bags, Luggage, and Leather Goods

International Trademark Class 18 is the trademark class designated for bags, luggage, leather goods (and imitation leather goods), and fur goods.


Trademark Classes Background


Trademark applications require that the owner of the trademark identifies what goods and/or services they use their trademark in connection with. For example, Apple uses their famous logo in connection with computers, tablets and cell phones.


There are forty-five different trademark classes of goods and services. Each trademark class tries to cover related goods and services. Many countries use the same trademark classification systems to harmonize worldwide trademark law.


Incorrectly identifying which trademark class a good or service belongs to can lead to an Office Action from the Examining Attorney, a delay for the trademark application and possibly complete refusal of the application. Therefore it is important to correctly identify what trademark class the applied for trademark is used in connection with.


The easiest way to determine what class a particular good or service is in is to view the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) Trademark identification Manual online.


One important thing to keep in mind is that the USPTO charges an application fee per class of goods or services. Trademark owners can save money by applying for only one class, but will get the broadest protection applying for multiple trademark classes.


Trademark Class 18 - Luggage, Bags, Wallets, Umbrellas and Leather Goods


Class 18 is known as the “leather goods” class, which today does not seem to make much sense. For example, what do luggage and backpacks have to do with leather goods? But when you take a trip down history and realize that bags and luggage used to be predominantly leather, it begins to make sense (think about Indiana Jones’ leather bag he seemingly carried everywhere).


The most common products in Class 18 include bags, backpacks, luggage, wallets and umbrellas. Class 18 also cover walking sticks/canes, leather and imitation leather goods such as leather boxes, and saddles, whips and animal clothing such as blinders for horses and animal collars.


When applying for Class 18 goods, trademark applicants can determine whether they want to apply for broad categories of goods, such as bags, or drill down and apply for all the individual bags they sell such as backpacks, sports bags, athletic bags etc... 


Granite Trademark Services takes the perspective that trademark owners should have the best of both worlds. Apply for broad designations, such as bags, and the individual designations such as backpacks, sports bags etc...

A sampling of the many different kinds of bags in Class 18


Acceptable Class 18 Specimens and Example


In order to secure a trademark registration, trademark owners must submit an acceptable specimen for every class of goods or services applied for. For example, if a trademark applications has goods in Class 18 and Class 25, the trademark application will need to include specimens showing the trademark in commerce in connection with the Class 18 and the Class 25 goods.


Acceptable trademark specimens for Class 18 would include hang tags attached to product showing the trademark. For example a hang tag on a leather handbag with the trademark is an acceptable Class 18 specimen. Other acceptable trademark specimens include an in-store display showing the trademark near the applied for products, an online webpage with the trademark in close proximity to the product picture and a checkout button, or a trademark on a tag or the trademark on the product itself.

This would be an acceptable specimen for COACH in connection with wallets because you see COACH at the top of the page, on the product picture and an "ADD TO BAG" button


Related Trademark Classes


Class 25 - Apparel, footwear and headwear

Class 35 - Brick and mortar and online retail store services that sell Class 18 goods

Do you need help figuring out what trademark class is right for you or what qualifies as a proper trademark specimen? Contact us today for a Free Trademark Consultation and one of our attorneys will contact you within twenty-four hours.

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