Online Trademark Attorneys

Online trademark lawyers are replacing the traditional role and business model of trademark firms.


Clients meeting, in person, with their trademark attorneys is becoming more and more unnecessary. The biggest change is the development of new communication technologies, most notably, the internet and emails.


Rather than talk through trademark issues in person and having client’s filling out forms in the office, attorneys can Skype or FaceTime with their clients and get all the necessary information they need from their clients via email or through online submission forms.


The new forms of communication has benefited attorneys, but benefit trademark clients even more. It is not more affordable to hire experienced trademark attorneys and trademark owners have a much larger selection of trademark lawyers to choose from.


In sum, the explosion of the internet that has changed many industries is starting to change the legal industry, benefiting trademark owners many ways already and likely in more ways in the future.


New Technologies are Changing the Trademark Legal Industry


The legal industry, and attorneys in general, are slow to react to changing cultural and social phenomenons. The law, and the legal profession, are skeptical of change and are reactive. However, some attorneys are realizing the value an online trademark law firm has for their practice and, more importantly, for their clients.


Traditionally, a trademark owner seeking to hire a trademark attorney to file a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), would need to go to an attorney’s office. This would be difficult for many trademark owners in rural areas because the closest trademark attorney may be hours away. And even if you lived in a city, parking in the city, heading up to the attorneys office and leaving can take up the whole day.


However, new technologies based on the rise of the internet, such as email, Skype/FaceTime, online submission forms and more allow trademark clients to communicate with their attorneys on their time. Rather than showing up at a trademark attorney’s office in the middle of the day when they can be selling their products to customers, they can send information to their trademark lawyer from their couch while lounging in sweatpants.


New technologies, especially communication technologies, are changing the legal industry. Online trademark firms are the way of the future because the new technologies are eliminating the need of driving to an attorney’s office or conducting trademark consultation in person.


Lower Cost to Hire a Trademark Attorney


The new communication technologies enabled online trademark firms to lower their costs overheads. For example, an online trademark firm does not need to lease out expensive space in downtown skyscrapers or spend significant sums of money advertising their services. Instead they can build a website, a trusted brand and work from more affordable locations.


The lower costs of operating an online trademark firm allow trademark lawyers pass along their costs savings to their clients, creating the ultimate win-win. For trademark owners seeking to hire a trademark attorney, hiring an online trademark firm to file you trademark application will not only save time, but also allow them to hire trademark attorneys who pass along their savings to clients.


In addition, trademark owners can shop around for trademark attorneys online. They can check out many trademark attorneys rather than settling on the first one they meet because they do not have the time (or money) to keep shopping around for different trademark attorneys.


More Access to Trademark Lawyers

 Online trademark law firms can work for clients from anywhere


Lastly, online trademark firms give anyone with an internet connection access to experienced trademark attorneys. Now a person from rural Indiana starting a new business can have t


he same access to quality trademark lawyers as a person in Brooklyn opening up a brewery.


The legal profession has often failed to serve people in rural areas and often has priced out large portions of the population from receiving quality trademark counsel. Similar to how Amazon has allowed rural populations access to affordable products, online trademark law firms provide access to rural populations or small business owners to affordable trademark attorneys.


If you have any trademark questions, contact us for a free trademark consultation today and get the online trademark attorney experience.

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