Response to Office Action 

$200 Flat Fee

The Trademark Examining Attorney is required to issue an Office Action during the review process if he or she believes the application is defective. Examples of Office Actions are likelihood of confusion, misclassification of good or services, an improper specimen and more.

DO NOT IGNORE AN OFFICE ACTION! If an Office Action issues, a response must be filed within six months or the application will be abandoned.

Our flat fee Response to Office Actions include:

  • Review and research into the the Office Action 

  • Consultation with the client 

  • Draft Response to Office Action for client review

  • Submit Response to Office Action with the USPTO

  • Submit any additional Responses 

  • Continued monitoring of the trademark application until it is registered

Free Office Action Consultation

Disclaimer: Submissions do not form attorney-client relationship

Although our attorneys have years of experience successfully responding to Office Actions, there is no guarantee the Response to Office Action will be accepted by the Examining Attorney. Our attorneys will be open and honest up front about the chances of succeeding with a Response to Office Action.