About Granite Trademark Services

Joseph Piper, Esq.

Mission statement

Provide any person, small business owner or company with an internet connection access to efficient and effective U.S. trademark prosecution services at low costs done by licensed attorneys.

Granite Trademark Services Founder Joseph Piper, Esq.

A Law Firm Created for Clients’ Needs

Granite Trademark Services founder, Joseph Piper, watched the birth and growth of online companies that lowered costs for consumers, delivered higher quality services than traditional services provided, and were easier to use than their established counterparts. Borrowing from the business models of the world’s successful online and mobile app technology companies, Granite Trademark Services launched in 2018.

Lawyers are notoriously slow to adapt to changing times and the business needs of clients. At Granite Trademark Services, we are cutting out unnecessary costs often incurred by traditional law firms such as frivolous parties, extravagant skyscraper offices, bloated salaries to pay for thousand dollar suits and passing the savings directly to our clients.


Many online trademark providers, known as “trademark mills,” are not actual law firms and cannot provide any legal services, yet they still take peoples’ money. Unlike the “trademark mills” Granite Trademark Services provides legal services by licensed attorneys. It is time for law firms and the legal industry to evolve along with the rest of our economy to provide clients with the best possible legal services at lower prices.

Enter Granite Trademark Services. The innovative law firm designed with clients’ needs in mind. Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals will only need an internet connection to hire experienced attorneys to protect their most important assets, their company names, brands and trademarks. Granite Trademark Services is committed to cutting the waste and providing great service.